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Syngenta is launching Priori Top, an antiseptic for coffee

According to the world agrochemical network, syngenta recently launched Priori Top, a microbicide for coffee, in Brazil. This product combines two kinds of germicidal active substances, cyprolactone and benzoyl ether. Priori Top is highly effective in crop management and yield improvement during flowering.
"" the launch of Priori Top reinforces syngenta's portfolio of products on coffee. Priori Top can improve fruit setting, help growers manage disease, harvest more healthy fruit, and ultimately increase yield. It is a pillar of the Good Growth Plan and part of our Plan of Sustainable Agriculture. "Said Philipp Schudt, syngenta's product manager.
Agrocafe distribution consultant Rogner Avelar said Priori Top is an indispensable tool in controlling flowering through a synergistic effect of two active substances. Priori Top, which can be used for immediate treatment and long-term protection, has become an important tool for coffee growers to improve their fruit scores.
The disease control effect of Priori Top on other crops has been recognized. On cotton, Priori Top prevents mildew and anthrax. On citrus, Priori Top is able to effectively control the floral afterfruiting (PFD) of citrus, increasing yield by more than 50 percent.
Since early September, syngenta has held events in Sao Paulo, minas gerais and the state of espirito santo to introduce Priori Top technologies to local farmers. The three regions currently have 2.2 million hectares of coffee planted, and about 280,000 coffee growers, accounting for 70 percent of Brazil's entire small coffee market.
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