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2018-08-10 spin off its agrochemical business

At a company meeting on Thursday, dow chemicals chief executive, Andrew Liveris, revealed a series of steps to reshape the companys business, including selling the companys agrochemical business, the Wall Street journal reported. Mr Liveris said consolida....   [Read More+]

2018-08-10 Syngenta is launching Priori Top, an antiseptic for coffee

According to the world agrochemical network, syngenta recently launched Priori Top, a microbicide for coffee, in Brazil. This product combines two kinds of germicidal active substances, cyprolactone and benzoyl ether. Priori Top is highly effective in cro....   [Read More+]

2018-08-10 Monsanto exits Brazilian sugar cane market

Monsanto will pull out of Brazils sugarcane business, the world agricultural chemical network reported on Oct. 7. A company representative said monsanto had been reviewing its product portfolio and growth prospects and, after careful assessment, decided t....   [Read More+]

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